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EDIT: I don't know how I managed to overlook the big buying in-ear headphones thread. I'm terribly sorry. Is there any way to delete this thread?



Hi there, I'm looking for a new pair of in-ear headphones. As I am a student my budget is indeed limited. I'm not an audiophile, but I'd like to get ones with a "decent" (I know, I know, but decent for the price, that is) quality of sound. 


My music preferences are pretty varied. Rock, pop, jazz, blues, swing, movie/games soundtracks, and much more. As I woudln't mind to have a good bass while listening to for example Hey Joe, I also really woudln't like to have an overpowered, booming bass drowning out the rest of the song (and I'm not a "basshead" type). 


I just need some sort of all-arounders, well-rounded (when it comes to sound) headphones that would work nicely for most of music genres (as I said before, I'm not an audiophile, so it probably won't take too much to impress me).


It would be nice if these were quite comfortable to wear of course.

Sound isolation is really important for me, as I'm going to use these mainly (but not only) outdoors, on a daily basis so yea..


Oh, and the crucial thing - durability. I need them to be as durable as possible (jack connector, cable, overall build quality, etc). I need them to last long, even under "pretty heavy" usage. 


I did some research, found many headphones to choose from, but lastly I was left with these two -  M9 and HAFX1X. And I have no idea which one should I get. These seem to fit my requirements pretty nicely thou.



I would be really grateful if you could help me to choose (or maybe sugest yet another pair of in-ear headphones?), as I don't have too much expriance in this area smily_headphones1.gif

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