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100 € IEM Advice

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Hi! I want to buy a new set of buds, for about 100€ (i can spend a little more if the buds worth it biggrin.gif)
I'l be using them every day for go to the university, and they will be with me all the day so I'm searching for something that can endure some abuse with a sturdy cable(or a replaceble one).
I already own a brainwavz m2 and m4(that i'm returning back beaceuse i took the version with the mic and the cable is too thin) and i'm using a Audio Technica M50 on my pc.
I want to try something new (i now that all these are V shaped). I prefer something balanced, something that have a nice separation, nice trble and mid, but with some bass that are present but doesn't cover the other frequency but i'm still searching the WOW effect that I had when i bought the M2 from the sennheiser cx200 biggrin.gif

I found that the Brainwavz B2 are using 2 balances drive and i can find it on about 115 shipped. Should i stay on this brand or is better to try something else?

P.s. I'll be using these on my smartphone so i can't use high impedence iem
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Oh well i found out that on mp4nation the b2 were on sale for 109 $ with free shipping so i bought them biggrin.gif
I hope they are good biggrin.gif
Thanks, this thread can be cloesed ^^
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