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For Sale or Trade: Alo Audio Rx Mk3-B

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For Sale or Trade:
Alo Audio Rx Mk3-B

Will Ship To: UK

After some consideration i've decided to keep the CLAS, enjoying it loads. So just selling the rx-mk3. Its in great working condition, and just got a couple scuffs on the face on the unit which can be seen in one of the pictures. It is too powerfull for any of my cans and dont plan on buying any in the near future to make the most of the amp. I am the second owner. The unit was purchased at the end of May. Comes with the box and charger and straps, but no interconnect cable.


Offering at a very reasonable price considering how much it would cost importing the unit into the UK. I will be willing to trade for a pico slim amp +£100. I also may consider a trade for an Apex Glacier +£50. Price inludes delivery to the UK. Will consider shipping to the EU. Buyer to pay delivery cost. Buyer pays as gift or covers pay pal fees. Thanks for looking.

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Would this set up be overkill for use with CIEM ?
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yes, unless the ciems are of high impedance, the mk3b is bearable with my pfe 122's but not ie80's. But the Clas with an amp made for iems will go well together.

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Sorry to write here (i've reached my daily limit in terms of private messages).

Could you please specify the type of headphones (or a model) you hear a channel imbalance with? 

What's their impedance?

Do you use any other DAC except the CLAS?

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Check my profile ive got all the iems/headphones i use/have used. The imbalance is with all at low volume, its common with the mk3 due to its gain. Not just my unit. But the amp gets loud to quick with low impendance cans. Its only just about loud enough once the imbalance goes.

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Now i see. You've got a nice list of equipment.

Could you please take a little bit more photos of your MK3 (espessially from the knob's and charger input's sides) and also detailed pictures of the scufes you mentioned. Please send them to 

Sorry if my request seems to you too annoying. (i'm looking forward to buy so i need to know all about this unit).


Thank you.

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yeah thats fine, will send them in the evening, as am working today.

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Thank you! I'll be waiting.

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Sale pending.

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Hi, is the amp sold?

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hi, sorry but the amp has just been sold.

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