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I have recently purchased a Sennheiser RS170 and overall I'm very pleased with the way it sounds.
However, there is one problem that is keeping me from fully enjoying it, namely, I can hear a constant noise or hiss. It's hardly noticeable when listening to music at a decent volume, but it's VERY noticeable when watching TV or a movie at low volume. I've already checked if my sound source is okay by trying different Headphones, including a pair of Sennheiser earbuds and there is no noticeable noise at all.
Also the headphones have the tendency to kill all sound output when the volume gets below a certain threshold. Again, this is no problem when listening to music, because generally the volume remains louder than the "kill-point", however most movies contain parts with silent parts or parts with low volume, for dramatic effect or whatever. There was one instance in particular where I was watching a movie scene where two people were whispering at each other and I couldn't hear half of it because the sound kept skipping on and off...
So, I've done some Googling and read a bunch of reviews and none of them mention anything about any hissing, in fact, this set is praised for being noise-free.
So, has anyone else heard of this problem? I'm starting to think that I may have received a broken set. I have no experience with Sennheiser warranty, but I REALLY don't feel like going through all the hassle right now.
So please tell me there's a switch, knob, cable or whatever that will cure this problem, it's driving me nuts. tongue.gif I've only had this set for a short while and again, the sounds quality is great, but the hissing is just unacceptable. I wouldn't take this from a 50$ headphone and certainly not from a headphone in this price range.

Thanks for reading.