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Thank you for the suggestions all smily_headphones1.gif


Is an amplifier required or recommended to drive any of those choices?


Also, which would you say is the most portable other than the Sennheiser HD-25 as I would be taking them to the office and back on a daily basis.





Perhaps I wasn't clear when I said "I need something natural-sounding". What I meant was that from what I understood about what natural-sounding means, I think this would be the sound I prefer.

I completely agree about it being hard to find what I want without being able to test the options first. Especially since this is going to be my first decent pair of headphones!

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Originally Posted by myaman View Post

Thank you for the suggestions all smily_headphones1.gif


Is an amplifier required or recommended to drive any of those choices?


Also, which would you say is the most portable other than the Sennheiser HD-25 as I would be taking them to the office and back on a daily basis.



Sorry, none of my prefered headphones are portable. The HD25-1 II is the only exception. I can imagine some people using the DT770 Aniversary Edition as a portable though. An amp is neccessary for most of my choices, save a few like the HD25, HD668b, DT770 AE (depending on source). Don't run an Audeze LCD-3 from your smartphone. :) 

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Originally Posted by Negakinu View Post

On last sunday's headphone meet I had a good listen to the Mr. Speakers Mad Dog, a modded Fostex T50RP and it is now my favourite closed headphone for rock and metal. And for every other genre I threw at it by the way. :) 


To quote my own impression from the meet's thread:

"In hindsight, this was my headphone of the day. First, the comfort was incredible. Definitely the most comfortable closed headphone I've ever listened to. Mr. Speakers' pad mod is flawless. Isolation is incredible too. Some of the best isolation I've experienced from a passive design really. Sound quality was stellar. Very realistic, weighty, punchy and holographic. Involving like nothing I've heard from a closed headphone. Everything was there and I couldn't fault it at all."



I totally agree with Negakinu...I only listen to heavy metal and the first time I heard the Mad Dogs at a friend's...... I had to get my own pair. For $300 they are brilliant. Extremely comfy with the leather dog pads.

They do require amplification if you will be running through a phone/portable DAP.

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Originally Posted by Negakinu View Post


My choice for metal, considering only the headphones I own or have heard, in order of preference:


1. Audeze LCD-3 (haven't heard a better headphone so far)

2. Audeze LCD-2 (a bit dark but very forgiving and musical, ideal for metal)

3. Mr Speakers Mad Dog (perfect value)

4. Hifiman HE-500 (fast, great soundstage, a bit sibilant)

5. Sennheiser HD600 (good soundstage, relatively neutral, does nothing wrong)

6. Sennheiser HD25-1 II (fast, punchy and visceral. my favourite portable for metal)

7. Beyerdynamic DT770 Limited Anniversary Edition (smooth, warm and full, great for slower metal)

8. Sennheiser HD590 (really nice V-curve and very forgiving)

9. Brainwavz HM5 (actually very nice. on the warm side of neutral)

10. Grado SR225i (some would put this much higher on the list for metal music. I find it too uncomfortable and grating)

11. Beyerdynamic DT880 (good soundstage, too bass light, not enough mids, too sharp in the treble for metal)

12. Beyerdynamic DT770 (too boomy)

13. Superlux HD668b (very hot in the treble)

14. AKG K701 (no bass, strange mids for metal. great with classical)


Note, this list doesn't mean, for example, that the Superlux HD668b is a better headphone than the K701. It's only about which headphone I prefer for the genres rock and metal. 

I really enjoy the HM5 for metal when I'm at work, and really any genre of music when I'm in a relaxed mood. I found them to be very comfortable, too. Whether they're "portable" or not depends on how you define the word; I take them to work every day with no problems.


There aren't a whole lot of options for balanced closed headphones, especially under $400. The HM5, K501, and SRH840 are all that come to mind. Definitely take a look at the HM5, though. Don't let the price fool you, I sometimes prefer them to my $500 Ultrasones.

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Double post
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At work, the headphones would be driven through a laptop with an integrated sound card, Would that need an amplifier?


At home it will be the Fender Mustang I guitar amplifier.


Although I'm starting to think it may be better to get a decent pair of IEM's for work and save up to get an open back for home use later on. What do you think?


I loved the HE-500's but they're way outside my price range, and that's not taking the amplifier into account.

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Magnum v4

Alessandro ms2

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What's the sound stage and bass like on the DT770 LE?

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The soundstage is quite decent for a closed can with the DT770 LE. I use them as portable cans and it is a delight to my ears. I listen to a lot of post-rock and sludge metal and they have a lot and impactful bass, sometimes a bit boomy though. Slightly recessed mids and sparkly highs but they are incredibly smooth and comfortable.

To me the DT770 LE should in your list, for sure.

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Thanks fishbone.


Negakinu mentioned that they could be used without an amplifier depending on source. Are you using an amplifier? If not, could you tell me how they drive based on the sources you are using?

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The LE are 32ohms drivers and they are quite efficient (96 dB @ 1mW) so they can sound good and loud enough out of a portable player.

At work, i'm not using an amplifier, I'm using a Cowon J3 and it's enough for me.

But obviously they do sound even better out of an amplifier, so if you can have a small DAC/Amp with your laptop, go for it IMO.

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I've never heard of Cowon before. Their players seem to be really nice!


Anyways, I'm currently contemplating the idea of IEM's for extra portability and saving up for something else for home use!


Thank you all so much for your help and advice.


You guys have been awesome smily_headphones1.gif

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If you have the money to spend, getting a pair of IEMs for portability is the best thing you can do. But if your budget is only big enough for one pair of headphones I would get something full sized.


I used the J3 for a while. It's an awesome little player!

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I'll probably be getting an IEM now and a full-sized headphone in a couple of months.

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