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nice iam heading towards ma900... anyone know how it will compare with Q701 and He400 when its comes to mids/vocal music ?

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and i read someone said its nearly in class like HD800 :P its true ?:P

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HIFI news review said it was in the same class as HD800 in SOME respects.
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I don't think it's in HD800 class in any respect honestly, except wearing comfort- It's one of the very few headphones that is more comfortable to me. But for Vocals, Pop and easy listening in general the HD800 is terribly overqualified don't you think? Not to mention that, In an entry setup I'd take the MA900 over it any time, It's such a smooth ride, Just plug and play, And the music will take care of itself.


And ditto for the Q701, to a lesser degree. While much less expensive and capable than HD800 it's still a demanding transducer, Interms of raw power to drive properly and Synergizing in a proper setup to bring the bass up a bit.

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sorry iam kinda newb to all this hifi stuff.

but i got odac+o2.

and i want the the best for the genre i listening to (asian pop, ballad amd female voice) and to match the odac.

want something that can put a smile on my face like hd598 but with hd650 instrumential sound.

narrowed it down to


the price isnt a matter i just want 1 headphone, that i dont need to change tongue.gif

can anyone help me out which to pick for the genre and my odac/o2? tongue.gif
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anyone :P

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I use the MA900 with the obj2 myself and it's defintely an overkill in terms of the power requirements (It's the stock configuration and I rarely go beyond 9 o'clock with the volume pot while listening moderately loud at about 80db minimum) but the SQ improvement is very evident of course than straight out of a basic amp, i.e laptop out. I'm sure you'll have no problems amping the other candidates you mentioned with this setup, But as i see it, you'll find the sound of MA900 or HE400 closer to what you seek then with the Q701 and CD900st which are designed for a more neutral/flat/accurate response and require tweaking the frequency range to bring out the vocals or bass beats regions where the music you listen to is at it's element.


So between the two, I have expreience only with the MA900 but i reckon it would have a more emotinal and enveloping vocals reproduction due the slightly forward lower mids, which together with the great openness have a very pleasing mixture of airiness and silky-ness to my ears. The HE400 would naturaly (being orthos) have the upper hand when coming to bass response and also likely transients which accounts for the actual resolving ability of the 'phones. But i doubt they sound as open as the Sony are and have as pleasing character in the mids.  

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thx for the response


hmm now iam planning on the HE 400. wont it be a overkill for my genre ?:P

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Originally Posted by oopeteroo View Post

hmmm any idea which one is better for asian-pop, ballad, female voice music ?


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New MA900 user and so far i am extremely impressed with the bass. It is tight and huge. Reminds me of the HD800 which i owned sometime back. However, i do not find the mids and highs very refined. After reading this thread, i feel perhaps the resistors corrupts the signal. There is one resistor marked as 220 and another one (couldnt read what was written on it). should the 220 also be knocked off the circuit or should it be included? What is the purpose of the 220 resistor? Thanks

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very hard to discuss a cd900st vs headphone "x" because prolly 95% of the headfi community has never heard one, so they will just recommend the ones that are easily available in the market. most people wouldnt want to pay 300usd for a sony brand blind buy maybe =P

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I've tried it ( the CD900st ) briefly years ago, from what i remembered it's similar to SRH840 but with more analytical and less smooth sounding

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Hi Nemesis,

I also recently purchased the Sony MA900.

Could you post photos of the resistor operation, including how you disassembled the headphones without damage?

FYI - I find this to be a good headphone with a surprisingly rugged design. Incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Sound is impressive for the price.

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anyone know if other earpads will fit ma900?
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