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First, I'm sorry to be posting newbie questions without searching more than I already have.


I'm here because you guys have the best rep on the Internet regarding headphone amps.  And it's not an area I've ever paid attention to because headphones have not (until recently) fit into my lifestyle.  


I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and a car stereo with 3.5mm audio or dual RCA (L&R) AUX input.

I'm very disappointed with the audio quality I'm getting with the current analog USB to 3.5mm audio to my car stereo when playing my full bitrate recorded MP3's.


Is there any way to clean up that analog output?  
For call-audio purposes (and other reasons), the digital output from the phone is not available for me.  I have to use the analog USB output which send the audio out of a 3.5mm male jack.