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UE 900 vs. Grado GR10

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UE 900 vs. Grado GR10


I am a newbie, so please forgive the multiple posting of this question in different threads...


I am interested in any thoughts fellow members have on the UE 900 vs. Grado GR10.  Particularly, I am wondering about sound quality, and especially which is more realistic and less colored.  Preferences?

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The both IEMs are very detailed yet less colored and they offers good bass response. It's depend the soundsignature you want in IEMs like UE900 almost share same soundsignature as TF10Pro but more detailed. The GR10 are very detailed and share Grado signature sound without over warm and imaging, instruments separation are very good on GR10.

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Thanks.  How would you compare the TF10 and Grado sound signatures?

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The UE Tf10Pro soundsignature is neutral(not cold), airy, dynamic bass without warmth and GR10 offers crisp, clear more natural sound (good for instrumental music) as on Grado headphones but less warm and good bass response.

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I agree with ZARIM. I own GR10 and they truly shine with instrumental music. They don't have the strongest low end but midrange and highs are truly spectacular. Soundstage is only decent size yet very airy. I have not heard UE900 yet.

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Also agree on the GR10 comments.  Great IEM but you can do better for $400.  It's over-priced, period.

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What would you suggest for $400?

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W4 fixed cable version.  I MUCH prefer it over GR10 and I like GR10 a lot.  Also 2 year warranty versus 1 with Grado.  I think Grado is very greedy with that price an minimal accesories.

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GR10tongue_smile.gif . I've offered mine to Tinyman to try so he could get a feel for them in the mix but he tends to stay with fresh product. The truth is that at this price, there are lots of options and we all have our favs. and signature preferences so it's difficult to get an absolute here. Things like the Westone 4, UE900, GR10 and PFE232 are worth seeking out for a listen. Earphone solutions has a 30% off deal right now so not a bad time to make a choice.

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GR10 has best midrange of any universal I have ever heard including SE535 and W4 and UM3X.  It's simply magical.


Treble is also among the best.


Bass is very average or even sub-par at $400.


Soundstage is small but NOT congested. (slightly above average)

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Well said Spyro! One comment on the GR10 soundstage; although it is not large by any means, it feels very open because of the airyness it has. UM3X on the other hand, is both small and lacks air so it feels very congested/claustrophobic. This is never the case with the GR10

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What about "PRAT (pace-rhythm-acceleration-timing) ... or a sense of "snappiness" .... or "toe-tappiness" ... or even bass slam? UE TF-10 are known for these qualities (tho' I've heard the newer UE-900 aren't quite as good). My non-IEM Grados are about as good for PRAT as any other set of cans I've heard to date. But I have no idea how Grado IEMs (esp GR-10 and GR-8) do on this "qualitative metric"? Are the UE TF-10 or UE-900 better?

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I haven't heard the Ue900 but to me the Tf10 mid is bit too laid back for great prat. It has a very articulate high end and bouncey midbass so it's relative. For me IEMs with too much midbass will cloud crispness in the mids but others like lots of it so you need to listen for yourself. The GR10 has about 5db more midbass than an Etymotic and that much less than W3 for instance so you'll need to decide what works for you. Similar overall quantity to a w4 but less upper bass. Being a single driver, it tends to have good timing and PRAT. It's not perfect but none of these are. From goldeners:


Westone W4






 What this comes down to is that the Gr10 is a viable contender but that you need to decide for yourself if it's for you. It doesn't cost more than the very popular and also plastic W4, Shure 535, Ue900, Pfe132 etc and measures as well overall. It's not overpriced for what you get but whether it's what you want to get is an entirely different question. I stopped juggling universals after getting the GR10 and decided that I needed to get JH13s to make a noticeable jump up.

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Goodvibes ... confused ??? Why did you bring the W4 into this?

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