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For Sale: [SOLD] Heir Audio 4.Ai

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For Sale:
[SOLD] Heir Audio 4.Ai

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I don't keep track of music listening time, but these probably have 150-200 hours since I got them on October 30th.


They will come with all the original tips, black stock cable, and your choice of large Heir otterbox, or a smaller non-Heir otterbox that I purchased separately. You can choose one or the other, not both. They are marked #94.


Beautiful aesthetics, beautiful sound. I'm just upgrading to CIEMs and need to sell these to fund my purchase.


$365 shipped CONUS. Anywhere outside of the US may incur an extra shipping charge.



**Note that this price includes shipping. Heir charges $35 for shipping, so you're saving $70 buying from me**

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They cost $399 brand new on the main Heir Audio website, dude.

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did you not see that these are shipped so you will save the amount Heir charge for shipping.!

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Oh, didn't realize the Heir Audio charged alot for shipping, my bad.

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Bump and price drop.
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