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Originally Posted by wolfetan44 View Post

$245eek.gif. Only way I'd do that is if I had Magnum's.. Well, I guess I could get some Magnums. But jeez $245?? Also, wouldn't that mean I would have to buy my wood cups from Headphile?

The c-pads have nothing to do with wood cups, so you could get those anywhere.

Yes, the c-pads are expensive, but I found mine used on these forums for just under $100. Considering my 225i's were being unused due to extreme discomfort (I couldn't wear them for longer than 20 min - and I tried all the common alternatives, like the 414 pads, sock mod, etc.), this purchase allows me to use my Grado's again, and they are real comfortable now!

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Originally Posted by MuZI View Post

Will they actually sell you the headband alone?


My memory sucks and I could be wrong but I remember years ago a few people wanted to do that but couldn't purchase the headband. Grado wanted the better headband only on their top tier headphones.


Rhydon of Symphones did sell me a full Grado leather headband assembly for 40 dollars. Maybe I was lucky that he had a spare one, too.


You're right Grado Labs are not giving away these part; some have tried themselves calling in for buying one but they wouldn't let him.


They're still great for their customer service and sometimes generous. One member bought a used Grado that came without rubber stoppers, she called Grado and they immediately sent her two replacement caps for free.


If you invent something about your dog chewing down your vinyl plastic SR60i headband, or even something more ordinary, they will probably send you something, but sure enough just the vinyl part to replace the old one.


For a full headband assembly (rodblocks + metal arc) I don't know of any third party manufacturer (but I would suggest you to try Martin Custom Audio), so you would need to buy a SR60i just for that (or be lucky with Rhydon)... owning a full Grado headphone is how we all started before doing mods to it, it's fun to own it for a bit and get a taste of the original Grado experience to then try to improve upon it.

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yep, like the way they look but like the way they sound much better. I think it's sad they don't come up much anymore.


And since we're talking about them - have the full magnum mod and it's the best headphone I have - and I'd have had most of the flagships.

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