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Originally Posted by Dzjudz View Post

The thing is, the rules of this exchange are all up to the partners. The only real rule stipulated before entering is that you have to be ready to at least buy a new CD to gift, but this exchange is not limited to that.
Usually, after pairing up, you should contact your partner to set down the rules and exchange address information. You can make a list of your favourite artists, or list your favourite genres (or ones you absolutely don't like), or let each person completely surprise the other, or decide to exchange LPs, or decide whatever you agree!
I've been part of this Head-Fi tradition for many years, and I've always left it a surprise I believe. Sure, I like some music that I received better than others, but I have appreciated and listened to them all. It's the spirit of giving that counts and the enjoyment of (hopefully) receiving new music. And of course, you hope that the other person enjoys the music you sent them just as much as you.


Well said. This post made me change my tune...ignore my previous posts. I still want to participate, but rather than being selfish I'm keeping an open mind this time! I'll communicate my like's and dislike's to my partner, without making them feel like the process of exchanging a gift with me is just a huge burden rather than something fun. I don't want that. And also, I have no problem buying a new CD/vinyl for someone, and I'd also be willing to give someone a used LP (as long as it is in mint/NM condition) if the record is no longer being pressed (of course, this would only apply to certain records....last time I tried to buy Enya's "A Day Without Rain," the cheapest copy I could find was $110).


I will participate, and will do so in the way that was originally thought out. I'm ready to have some fun with this, and hopefully I'll be able to expand my musical horizons (and if that occurs, this sounds like it will be a great way to find a friend that will be able to offer further recommendations for music I'll enjoy, and I hope I will be able to do the same for them). 

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I've never met a genre of music that I don't like, so surprise me! Only request I have is CD over viynl.
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I'm in. US/Canada, Germany or UK preferred.




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I will say that it's not a bad idea to send your partner a list of what you already own, if doing so is feasible. That way if you get paired up with someone with a broad and deep music collection you won't be sending them something they already own one or two copies of. The other cool thing you can do is then look for 'holes' in their collection and try to fill one, or give them something from a genre of music that is not represented in their collection at all (if you've already established that they're willing to brave new worlds.)

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This is why everyone should have a last.fm :)

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anyone who is into ambient classical or modern classical, I would be up for a pairing! 

Stuff like Stars of the Lid, William Basinski, Arvo Part 



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I'm in. First Christmas at head-fi and would appreciate trying something new. CONUS please


Merry Christmas,


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This sounds like fun!  I'm in, CONUS please.  

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When will the assignments be made?

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Originally Posted by scootsit View Post

When will the assignments be made?

I'm guessing by December 5, 2012. I can't wait either! Lol deadhorse.gif
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Hi, I'm new here and this sounds like fun! Worldwide, please.
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Cut off is Dec 5th eh?  I'm in then.  I'm in the US, and I will pair up with anyone, anywhere!  Preferably a person outside CONUS, since it appears they are saturated.

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I'm in.  Prefer Europe exchange.

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Just curious, is there anything like this for people with gear? I have some (relatively inexpensive) stuff that I wouldn't mind gift exchanging... I rarely use CD's or Records...

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Im in. CONUS please. Would prefer to send CD over LP.

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