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I'm willing to gift 2 as well

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I'll gift 2nd too if needed

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I'm also willing to gift to.  Maybe 1 CONUS and 1 international.

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I'm just going to put it this way: Who wouldn't want to receive headphones as a gift, right? Except, who would want to buy headphones as a gift for another completely-unknown Head-Fier? Especially when the majority of desirable headphones cost over $100. Are there seriously Head-Fiers who'd be willing to spend >$100 on headphones as a gift for another random person on the Internet? I kinda doubt that, as very few people tend to be that generous. And given the price differences between all the headphones out there, since not all headphones cost exactly the same, how do you handle the price inequality issue if someone receives a lower-value headphone than the other person? As in, "Hey you got me only the ATH-M50 and I got you the V-Moda M-100! WTF!" Unless of course, both people buy each other the same headphone which solves that issue, but that opens another can of worms - how do you decide on a headphone that both people want and can actually use?


Just want to say that as a newbie, I'd be happy with some new IEMs under $30.  I can't really try our in-ear anywhere around here, and there seems to be a lot of choices under $30 that are interesting.  There are also portable amps under $30 that look interesting.  That said, I'm good with music exchange.  I'm in a musical rut right now so something new would be welcome...



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I'm not participating, just making a funny biggrin.gif
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i'm in i'm in !

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reading for months. writing first time




1 CD



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I'm totally in.  smily_headphones1.gif  1 piece of media (CD or LP) CONUS, please.

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Count me in as well.  CONUS Please.

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This should be fun

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Seems that packages from most shipping companies are being really slow and backed up right now so to ensure i dont have any packages sitting at my house while I'm away I am not gonna be participating, sorry

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I'll join. World wide is fine for me
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I am in, but would prefer just USA..beyersmile.png

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I will be going to germany next week so I can cover for someone in that region if #2 is needed; It wont affect CONUS for my #1 choice as I can just amazon wishlist the item for my partner, and they can do same to my actual address in Conus granted I wont see it till jan, 4th (for conus partner) but still!<3

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I'm in. Willing to ship to USA or Canada.

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