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>go to head-fi gift exchange

>bring apple earbuds

>come back with Stax SR-009's

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I am in. US or International is fine.

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Conus only.  Sign me up.

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Count me in- ConUS only

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I am in. Last year I received a surprise musical gift from someone from Australia whom I had not spoken to in several years (not through head-fi.) Aboriginal artist named Gurumul. Wonderful music which I never would have found on my own. I would prefer to hook up with someone international. I am into world music, jazz, folk music & mellow rock. Not Metal, Hip-hop or Rap.
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I feel like I should clarify the exchange partner assignments & procedure for the newbies this year:


1. I'll be posting a list of all assigned exchange partner pairings in post #1 soon after the cut-off time. For example: Asr <> tjohnusa is just one pairing (I'm not participating though, this is just for explanation). Everyone will be paired according to their shipping preference.

2. It will then be everyone's responsibility to contact their assigned exchange partner via PM. I will not be sending PMs to anyone myself. PM conversations should include getting your exchange partner's shipping address and asking for music genre & format preference, if applicable. Or any other details that might be uniquely requested by one or both partners.

3. It will then be everyone's responsibility to ensure that their gift item is shipped in time to arrive by Christmas.


Originally Posted by Rightclick/Scissors View Post
Why no headphones?


I'm just going to put it this way: Who wouldn't want to receive headphones as a gift, right? Except, who would want to buy headphones as a gift for another completely-unknown Head-Fier? Especially when the majority of desirable headphones cost over $100. Are there seriously Head-Fiers who'd be willing to spend >$100 on headphones as a gift for another random person on the Internet? I kinda doubt that, as very few people tend to be that generous. And given the price differences between all the headphones out there, since not all headphones cost exactly the same, how do you handle the price inequality issue if someone receives a lower-value headphone than the other person? As in, "Hey you got me only the ATH-M50 and I got you the V-Moda M-100! WTF!" Unless of course, both people buy each other the same headphone which solves that issue, but that opens another can of worms - how do you decide on a headphone that both people want and can actually use?


Even if the intent was to exchange used headphones (as opposed to new), there'd still be the issue of price inequality between exchanged headphones. Everyone would like to trade up, but absolutely no one would want to trade down.


Hence, exchanging headphones is a series of complications that's best avoided.

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I like this Idea ! I'm In . Worldwide shipping from France !

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If it's not to late, count me in.  CONUS please.  Thanks.

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Oh dang, I totally forgot I was going to say I'm in. It's 00:58 here in Norway but techincally it's still the 4th in the US. So please? Can I be a part of this? biggrin.gif


In order of preference: Europe > US > Anything else (yes that means world wide.)

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I'm in!!!! I'll ship anywhere in North America. 

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I'm in. CONUS only. New to the audiophile world (I build over the top custom PCs) but want my computer to sing with headphones since I am in a small apartment. I have V-MODA 100s on the way and have a Peachtree Decco2 connected to my tower PC...I'd love Santa to bring me something...accessories (cables/headphone customization, headphone stand, Vinyl, anything to add to my new system, etc.) Used  ATH-M50 would be a treat and I would gladly reciprocate :).

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I'm up for 2 exchanges if that is OK World Wide? Making it funbeerchug.gif

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In! Best way to celebrate 100 posts = buy someone something, right? biggrin.gif


Just CONUS for me please, sorry redface.gif

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Probably should've clarified earlier: the cut-off hasn't been reached yet, but it will in less than 24 hours from now.


I went through the posts and compiled a master list of everyone participating. It wasn't clear if the following Head-Fiers were in or not. These Head-Fiers have until 11:59 PM MDT 12/6 to edit their posts to say if they're in. If I don't see any post edits from the following Head-Fiers by then, I'm going to assume they're out:


- tool462
- Puranti
- Keithpgdrb
- androidisbest
- jacal01
- AHorseNamedJeff


I also crunched the statistics: 40 Head-Fiers shipping within the USA only, 20 USA Head-Fiers who will ship world-wide, 37 presumedly international Head-Fiers (some had blank locations in their profiles so I wasn't sure if they were actually international). It'll definitely be some work to pair everyone up considering these statistics. If anyone is willing to gift two people, let me know in this thread before the cut-off! (Since the number of people is currently odd, not even.)

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I'm willing to take up a straggler if needed.
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