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I have just changed my DAC and would like to try some experiments with the USB cables that I currently have on hand. Unfortunately though, my old DAC had a female mini B input socket and the new one has the far more common B input socket.

Whilst I realise that trying to use any adapter will compromise any cable testing I want to do, I feel it would be better than simply buying the "B" version of a cable that I already own without any pre-testing at all. Afterall, each of the cables I currently own sound noticeably different to each other and the one I preferred before with my old DAC might not be the best one to use with the new one.

So I am trying to find the "shortest" way to adapt the male mini B plugs on my existing USB cables to a standard B plug.

Does anyone know if such an adapter exists? I don't seem to have had any luck searching for one (they seem to make adapters for almost anything USB except for this particular purpose!).

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