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I have the CKN50 and had the CKM500 (lost them frown.gif )
I wont comment much on the sound, i havent fully broken them in yet (30ish hours). but i can say this much... the abit overwhelming midbass \ lower mid on the CKM500, a biproduct of the amount of bass in them is better on the CKN50. While i tried different EQs on my phone to tune down that issue with the CKM500, i dont need to do this on the CKN50. So without A\B testing the CKN50 vs CKM500 im pretty shure i prefer the sound in the CKN50.

Now, on comfort on the other hand. I was sceptical on the CKM500 housing when i ordered them, but took a chance. Oh boy did i love them, best ive ever had in my ears. They dont insert deep and really uses the outer ear as support and i can move around and walk and even run without them falling out. Tho, since they didnt insert very deep the noise supression wasnt that good, but acceptable, a compromise i easily could live with. So little fatique that i could wear them for hours.

My RE-0 alwyas worked themselves out of my ear, ok if i wasnt very active, but jogging would mean quite frequent pushing in. That constant adjusting and the deep inserting needed resultet in some fatique.

Now on to the CKN50.
They insert much deeper, maybe not quite as much as the Re-0, but not far off. They also stay put like the CKM500 (JAY!) so the ring definitvely works. And since they insert deeper they isolate much better. Just as much as my RE-0, maybe even ever so slightly better, but close enough to call it even.

But there is a con, atleast for me (my gf didnt notice the issue). The ring, while i dont notice the ring since its fearly soft and dont need to push much against the ear to hold the iems in place(i dont feel the ring itself at all really) they have made a little error wich could bother some (me). Where the ring is attached to the housing and "goes through" the housing it sticks out, it isnt flat. and since the ring is not all round, but has an edge, and is mounted at an angle on the housing it creates a little triangle piece sticking out of the housing and pushing against the little lobe in front of the ear, as seen in the OP. This causes fatigue for me. I didnt notice it at first but after wearing them for a while i did notice it.

However, i think this is fixable. i plan to take a sharp razer\knife and flatten that part, i just havent gotten that far yet.


I can take some pictures if my explanation wasnt understandable ;)


Hope this helps.


Edit: Oh, one more thing. I always wear the cord over ear. Even tho the strain releaf is pointing down i just loop them over the ear, works fine for me with both the CKM500 and CKN50 and almost eliminates microphonics(wich i hate), with the RE-0 i just pointed the strain releafs up ofc.


Edit2: Added 2 pictures anyways, to show the edge i was talking about. Nvm the dust, it was hardly visible with the naked eye, but the macro and flashlight really made it visible.


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Ckn70 is comming out tomorrow biggrin.gif
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Should be really special phones based on the CKN50's.

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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

Ckn70 is comming out tomorrow biggrin.gif

O.. that is exciting...can't wait popcorn.gif

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On ebay from buyfromjapan for $99.60 , blk,blue,silver.
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Just purchased the CKN70's from buyfromjapan. Hopefully, they will be better than my CKN50's, which are very good.   

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I am on the fence....my Visa is ready biggrin.gif


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Go for it.

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Please comment on the sound quality and the cable quality whenever you receive them. I am probably going to buy them but i want to hear feedback first.

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Sure, you'll probably have to wait about 2 to 3 weeks before I receive them though.

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Damn kahaluu, 2-3 weeks? You need to get on that Amazon JP/Tenso train! I get my stuff in under a week that way. I would've gotten the CKN70s too, but my XBA-30s have completely cured my upgrade-itis. I have no doubt these will be something legendary though.

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Well, it could be delivered sooner. I have the 50's and more than enough IEM's to hold me over until it arrives. I'm glad that you're enjoying the XBA-30's. I'm sure it's an upgrade from the XBA-3's in SQ.  

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Waiting reviews to flow in for the ckn70! deadhorse.gif

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