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For Sale:
For Sale: ATH Pro700MK2s

Will Ship To: US

Looking to sell a pair of MK2s. They were purchased last January so they're about 11 months old. They were great for me as portable over the ear cans but I'm going to be starting work in an office environment soon and decided to buy a new pair of headphones that are more comfortable for extended listening. 


They are in pretty good shape. There is no damage to any of the primary structural components. You can see in one of the pictures that there is a bit of an inconsistency in the headband padding where it meets the plastic, but it's purely an aesthetic issue. The headphones came like that and since it's on the top of the headband it doesn't effect their function at all. There is also some minor cracking in the pads which I think is visible in the picture but I can try to take a better picture if needed.


Included with the headphones are the straight and coiled cables and the 3.5mm adapter. Looking for around $85.