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Help me get started with EDM

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Not sure if this is the best forum location but here goes:

I'm interested in getting started with writing electronic music, specifically trip hop, edm, and house. I've got five years experience with guitar and I'm familiar with some basic music theory. 
I've chosen some hardware/software but would love to get your input if there's something better out there 
Being a beginner I do not need anything too pricey, but I would like to be able to create a professional sound. Is this difficult to achieve or with the advent of DAWs or is this negligent? I've decided to run with Fruity Loops unless you've got a better suggestion. Where's a good place to learn about remixing and sampling? 
I'll also need a pair of headphones and possibly a microphone. I won't be able to use my speakers all the time. With a constant thump thump thump thump my family will certainly need a break, lol. My only preference for headphones would be that they are relatively non-fatiguing. I don't have a large budget.
1. Where can I learn how to create organic sounds from scratch?
2. What non-fatiguing headphones should I get for listening to trip hop, edm, and house?
3. Which DAW should I go for?
4. What should I buy for a MIDI controller? 
5. What microphone should I get that would handle guitar and vocals? 

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MPK mini is **** quality, you have to hit incredibly hard on the pads to get them to register, and it breaks easily.


Ableton Live is king, yo.

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You may need to extend your budget on midi controllers, I'd suggest a Novation Launchpad, or if you really wanted, a Roland A-300PRO.

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Thanks for the tips!

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I have the same monitors. You may need a subwoofer to get a better sense of the sub-bass as I've found it to be slightly lacking in the speakers because they drop off at 90 Hz. Monoprice has a decent subwoofer for $50 that can pick up 50+ Hz.

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I'd suggest an Axiom. They're a bit tough to map but super versatile. I've owned both the standard and Pro versions and loved them


As for the DAW. Reaper is free and a good place to start, but it's not newbie friendly. I like Cubase the most and loathe Ableton. Just my 2c.

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