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IMO the shures i have tried haven't been outstanding. Like the dt-880 a lot more.

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Would you consider the dt880 the 250 or 600 a significant upgrade from share 840 with e10 amp


Not an upgrade nor a downgrade. Two different approaches. Both could be described as "bright with balanced mics and well extended bass" but that's all they really have in common.


The Shures are tracking/monitor headphones that tend to bring out grain and have very clean, solid bass. The Beyerdynamics are a staple for hi-fi listeners who prefer a balanced sound signature.


I've owned both and only ended up re-buying the 840s. That entire Beyer series (770/880/990) just sounds a tad too smooth and slippery for me. Although the bass quantity differs in each version, the same wide/smooth bass style is always evident and I couldn't come to enjoy it.


Then there's the word "transparency", which nobody seems to use the same way. The DT 880s sound more transparent in the sense that they sound more like live music-- smoother --, but the Shures sound more transparent in the sense that one can focus on recording artifacts with less difficulty -- more bite --. Again, evident of the latter being more of a studio monitor than a leather armchair hi-fi set.

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Is the DT 880 600 ohm worth the $100 more than 250 ohm version ?


never bought stuff through amazon warehouse, i'm skeptical can anyone suggest, if I indeed decide to go that route what is a decent price for DT 880 600.


New DT 880 250 for $250  or  Warehouse DT 880 600 ohm for similar price ?


Appreciate your feedback.

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