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Am I getting ripped off?

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Hey, I have to move from DC to Austin, TX (1500 mi) for work. I have a 1 BDR apartment with a minimum of furnishings and things and I'm being quoted $5350. This includes everything, including packing, unpacking, transportation, supplies, etc. 


It's from a company with 5 stars on Yelp, but this still seems way higher then I was expecting. Am I being unreasonable or is this actually quite reasonable?


I know to get estimate from other companies, but I'm gone the next week for Thanksgiving so I won't be around to get other estimates and I'd like this settled. Not sure who to ask but I figured some HeadFiers have had to move before. 



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Don't know if you're getting ripped off there, but welcome to Austin. We have a nice little Head-fi community in Central Texas. See my signature for the next meet.

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Have you considered packing up your own stuff, having some friends help you load it into a U-Haul, and paying movers to help you unload it in Texas? You can even tow your car behind the U-Haul.

As an alternative, how much is your (big) stuff worth? Maybe it's best to dump most of it cheap and spend $350 mailing the valuables. The remaining $5K (+ whatever you get in the moving sale) would be a good start for new furnishings!
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The problem is I'm on a tight time schedule, and Thanksgiving makes it even tighter. And (fortunately) I don't have a car to move.

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$5000+ seems a lot for just a one bedroom move. Have you checked out one of the container shipping services? I used U Pack to move from Ohio to Virginia, and found it quite reasonable, even compared with loading up a U Haul and driving myself down.


For instance, the same move (DC - Austin) with loading and unloading help runs ~$2500. If you got friends to help you with packing, etc you could save more money..

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If your schedule is that tight, then it really doesn't matter if you are being ripped-off - you have to pay for whatever meets your schedule.
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Also if you're moving for work, and your new employer isn't helping you out, talk to your accountant about IRS tax breaks. They existed for vocational re-location expenses last time I did it.
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I'm now considering a "nuclear option". I don't particularly love my possessions. While some of them are quite nice, they aren't worth $5350 to me, but my landlord insists I get rid of them (though I'm not sure what he could do to me if I left my stuff).


Is there anyone out there I can call who will just quickly take all my worldly possessions at a low ball price? Does anyone/company do that kind of thing?


And that includes my, ahem, Stax Classic 2 System. :-D Though since I have HeadFi I suspect I can do better with that here. ;-) 

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Skip Thanksgiving, tell family it will save you a lot of cash.

Start advertising your stuff (junk) in your local Craigslist.


Get a quote from


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There are some auction houses that do bulk buyouts, especially those that handle estate sales and that sort of thing. They won't give you a ton of money, but they will come and haul it all away for you.


I'm sure someone here on Head-Fi will give your Stax a good home given the chance biggrin.gif

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They have companies that come and take all your stuff and put it in a dumpster for you.


I think it is relatively cheap if you go for the nuclear option.


I would try to pack and ship some of your most valuable items and dump your furniture, bed, couch, and all the big stuff.


Just my two cents.

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A lot of you have suggested U-Pack. The problem is I live in an apartment. So I can't just dump a ReloCube anywhere to pack, unless they packed in on the spot when they dropped it off. 

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Originally Posted by Czilla9000 View Post

A lot of you have suggested U-Pack. The problem is I live in an apartment. So I can't just dump a ReloCube anywhere to pack, unless they packed in on the spot when they dropped it off. 


You can actually take your stuff to the U-Pack terminal and pack it into a moving cube there, rather than have it dropped off. You actually save a bit of cash since they don't have to pay a driver to drop it off and pick it back up. I did this myself when I moved, and saved a couple hundred bucks.

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Rent a U-haul truck to take your stuff to the U-pack place.


I'm guessing the U-pack place will charge around $2000 or less.

That's way under $5000

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You can donate stuff to Goodwill, I think they would even come and pick them up if they are large and heavy. The last time my family moved we donated books to the local library. Your cheapest alternative is to rent a small u-haul truck and drive it yourself. There might be a drop off fee too. But who will help you unload your stuff? Ask a relative/friend to come and help you out.
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