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Sound of KSC75 vs k403.

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let's start with a disclaimer wink.gif


       Disclaimer ;-)  
This questions pertains Koss KSC75 and AKG K403 only.  biggrin.gif





So now to the question at hand:




So I have ksc75.

Can anyone tell me how akg k403 compares with these? Are they much darker? Are there noticeably slower/faster? Are there any differences that I might notice at all?


Opinions of owners of both models are most welcome. 




thanks in advance :-)


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I guess that posting this will look like someone has answered, so other people might chime in...  anyone?

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Yo know I will bit at this... $15 versus $40... Koss Vs AKG... :D I've not heard any AKG's yet [hopeing to change that soon with a K77... omg the K77's are $50 FREAKING DOLLARS... I do want to hear the AKG house sound! But again...


I hope the Koss sounds better... just cuz I like most of Koss's cheaper cans! OMG I have a Koss TD/75, which btw where my first Bass Head cans... and I still throw em on and they still sound pretty decent! So I like Koss House Sound... always have always will so long as they keep thier cans under $150 ;3



esp950 electrostatic-$1000 Koss Electro Statics


pro4aaat full size-$150 Professional Dynamics


The 4aaat looks like the Dt 880 ironicaly... with less build quality BUT I did like the Koss Pro Dj 200... it had a nice sound compared to the Dt 880 with Lossless 16bit soungs! So... might try these Pro4aaats! Just to add to my Koss Collection <3


But yet Koss... all Dynamic Cans on thier site UNDER $150 :D, some of the Wireless ones are price and ofc the Elctrostat can...

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