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When GTA is going to release its next version?

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Grand Theft Auto V is due out early to midyear 2013 for X360 and PS3. It may or may not get a PC and Wii U version.
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thanks you... I thought it would be earlier :( can't wait

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PC versions have always been released a few months after console release, so I'm hoping this will be the case again. I like playing games like this on PC better because they run faster.


God I can't wait either frown.gif

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I heard it won't be on PC which is shocking since GTA IV was so popular for PC. I really hope they are just saying that because they can't get it into Steam. I would still buy the game even without Steam. Looking at the screenshots made me so excited and hearing about the large map made me even more excited.

I absolutely love GTA games, starting back at GTA 3 and Vice City... I love these games. :'(
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