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HD card

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Can anyone recommend an HD card for up to $200

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A what card? Please clarify. Are you referring to a video card, a TV tuner/capture card, a sound card, or something else?
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sorry for not being specific,

a TV tuner/capture card...

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You're going to have to give specifics as to what you're looking for. Namely, the following:

- Features are you looking for (Do you need both the TV tuner and image capture, do you need the card to take inputs from game consoles, etc.)
- Local broadcast standard (ISDB, ATSC, DVB, etc.)
- Internal or external (Do you prefer it inside your computer's case or as a box connected by USB?)

Without any detailed information, I can only give general suggestions.

If you live in an ATSC broadcasting region (South Korea, Canada, United States, Mexico):

If you live in a DVB broadcasting region (most of Europe):
(BlackGold makes a lot of these)
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