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Hi everyone , I finally got my hands on xba3 and sony e463 mp3 player( trust me, when you live in South Africa, you can't really find something decent, all you see is the Monster Beats Studio/Solo/Pro...........).

I first tried the XBA3 on my friend's ipod nano , and they sound quite disappointing.

Just as I am about to return it to the sony shop, I decided to try it out on the sony mp3 players, and it actually worked like a magic on the E463(which is the only mp3 available from South Africa Sony).

Although I am pretty happy with the sound I am getting from the XBA3's , I can't help wondering what would the XBA3 sound like when connected to a portable amp.


So now I need some help on the suggestions of "portable" headphone amps(like the Fiio, Cmoy.....) for my combination.


I am a all rounder, which is , I listen to Linkin Park, Ne-Yo, or instrumentals and house.


Any suggestion would be appreciated(Even if you suggest me getting some better headphones/IEMs).


If you guys can supply me with a website as to where I can get the amps you suggested , I would praise you like a God.