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Looking for a substitute for the Klipsch X10

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Hi all, I've just gifted my dear X10's to my GF, and tought I could live without them but, alas! I can not triportsad.gif


I really love the awesome bass, precision and warmth of the X10's, and would just get another pair but I want to try out something different.


So, budget is around $100 - $150, don't really want to stretch it any further. Will be amping them with Fiio E17 out of an iPhone 4 via LOD.


What I'm looking for:


* Has to have good bass quantity and quality. Sub-bass extension is important.

* Has to have equal or better instrumental separation and soundstaging than the X10's.

* Would preffer if it had better highs than the X10's (quantity + detail).

* Has to have no sibilance or stridence, as they are for prolonged use (non-fatiguing).

* Confortable. 

* Preferably elegant and / or discrete design (they're mainly for office use).


I could compromise:

* Good isolation is desirable, but not that important (as long as it is not open design).

* Durability is desirable but not that important (can't think of anything weaker than the X10's haha).

* Don't care if it's BA or dynamic. 

* Don't care about maximum SPL.


Will be listening to:

* Mostly EDM and pop, but I'm an eclectic listener so they have to be fairly good all rounders.


Current contenders are:


* Yamaha EPH-100 - Love the looks, instrument separation worries me, also the non-existence of replacement tips.

* Hifiman RE 262  - Bass worries me.

* Phonak Audeo PFE - Also, bass worries me.

* UE TripleFi 10 - A bit over budget, bass worries me, don't like how they look.


I'm currently inclined towards the Hifiman and, of course, any suggestion is gladly welcome!! I know some of the above have higher MSRP, but I've found street price is much lower.



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That was mighty nice of you to gift your X10. They indeed sound nice and suit a lady well (no punt intended)

Recently these are very popular here. It's a Hybrid IEM which has a dynamic 8mm bass driver and a BA for the mids and highs.

$120 with a head-fi discount, (2-3 days from Korea to your door EMS included) I suggest you have a read of the first few pages.


I will tell you, I have owned Yamaha EPH-100, TF10, EX600, GR07 MK2, Klipsch X10 and within a week of hearing H-100 I sold my entire collection. The thread will answer for itself really.
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Have to say, doesn`t get much better than the x10`s at that price, comfort is no.1, sound is very good though not the best and isolation is excellent, only bested by multi hundred dollar shures and customs. Just buy another set of x10`s on ebay or amazon for $150 or so, just traded my x10`s for phonak pfe 232`s and miss the easy insertion and supreme isolation. Sound quality difference isn`t much different, the x10`s have more bass but of lower quality whilst the pfe`s are well balanced or perfectionists if you will. Anyways the phonaks are 4x the price so the x10`s seem to be the way to go.

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I think you will like GR07 because it offers deep tight bass and very crisp clear mids, highs and fairly large soundstage, overall GR07 offers warm but balanced soundsignature. Also Klipsch own Custom 3 are great buy and they offers X10 tyoe soundsignature with highly detailed mids, highs and tighter punchier bass yet share same warm soundsignature as X10.

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