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Need more bass in my IEM

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Long story short my Monster Turbine Copper died and now I have to get a new pair of IEM but I need something with more bass!!! Yes those had some good bass and clarity but I want moar bass!!!biggrin.gif my budget this time is about $400 and I listen to mostly pop/hip hop/rap with the occasional classical music. Much thanks!
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Sony XB90EX

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The Sony EX1000+ZO2, JVC FX700, Denon AH-C300(highly recommended if need deep rich punchy bass and huge soundstage) are great bassy yet detailed IEMs.

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Heir Audio 3.Ai , Great Bass.

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$400?  JH5, no brainer!

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ie80s would definitely fit the bill.  I'm also looking at the fx700 myself.

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Don't laugh.....Auvio 33-266


Not my ad, promise.


I know it sounds ridiculous but they have the most monster bass I've ever heard. I bought a pair 3 years ago for 40 bucks and still going strong and I'm about to pick up a couple backups. I've been trying to find a "legit" set of IE's for at least two years but none of them were better into the $200 range. For $10 they are an absolute steal.

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Future Sonics Atrio, that's exactly what I moved onto from my turbine pro copper.

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Not really in the same league, but the Heir Audio 8.A will produce a huge amount of bass






Or in order to keep thins well within budget


The 3.Ai



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Originally Posted by Kunlun View Post

Future Sonics Atrio, that's exactly what I moved onto from my turbine pro copper.



The MG7?
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Sony XB90EX

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I would personally recommend the Sennheiser IE80s.


They really shine with bass-heavy music (hip-hop/rap), and pop sounds great with them. The IE80's detail retrieval isn't amazing at the price point, but the wide soundstage captures classical quite well, too, with great low-end emphasis in orchestral pieces.


I also own the Coppers, and for your listening preferences, plus the 'moar bass' clause, I'd say the IE80s will do the trick. You can also tune the bass as you please, and it's surprisingly effective.


I bought mine from, which will save you a good bit of your $400 budget too.

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Originally Posted by aznsniper911 View Post



Yes, the Atrio with the new mg7 driver. It's perfect for you.

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Try IE80

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