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Have just realised I missed a head fi meet in september! I wonder what people thought of all that kit? No doubt I shall find out after wading through all these amazing posts. Sheesh what a find!
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so i have a Single Power MPX 3 amp and the LCD2s sound amazing. but I have a a cheap ibasso d7 amp i got 4 months ago. before upgraditis hit.  I went and impulsively bought a Schiit Gungnir, because I heard it's a really good dac for its price.

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ALO Audio Pan Am + Passport (if you consider it portable).


Otherwise Vorzüge VorzAMPduo or VorzAMPpure. The Duo has a 2-way EQ of which you can only use the treble with LCD-2's. Doesn't have the steam to use the extremely overshooting bass-EQ.

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Wow! A lot has been posted since I last checked.

Thanks guys!

I will start comparing these as well

What is everyones/anyones take on the O2 in comparison to any of these mentioned above? I know that the O2 has been infamous for beating most anything under $500 But its just a little too big to fit in a pocket. unless I suppose i make my own case to cut down on size but even then... I think with the DAC added to it it still might be bulky.


Any food for thought? like best value for price and still very compact?

This is just for on the go mostly although I am not opposed to spending the money if it comes down to having to do that so I can reduce the size of my future AMP that will do only what it needs (power the LCD-2s and maintain favorable sound quality) this is after all not going to be my only AMP for my LCD-2s.. beerchug.gif

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My experience.
Continental V2 + LCD2, Pretty good, very good synergy but can't really open them up as compare to desktop amps.
Uha-6s MKII(a great amp that is cheap and with USB dac)+ LCD2, Terrible synergy, sounds worse than iPod directly.
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isnt the o2 portable? why not that, people seem to sing that combo's praise alot here on headfi

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I think you'd be better off with a headphone that is safrr to take around with you as well as the lcd2's. I assume you have them now which is a good move:)
You might not think that will get you high end audio but consider what they are designed for: listening to music indoors which is a quiet environment.
They leak sound hugely. Plus they let in sounds. Traffic noise is unlikely to put a smile on your face through these. And what if you get a freak downpour of rain? There's no protection.
You have to consider that at least some form of isolation will bring you into the music and away from the hustle and bustle on the move. If I'm walking in the countryside and the forecast looks good a pair of denon ahd2000's is a better by far deal than the audezes. They're closed but still leak but let in and are less leaky by a huge margin.
If I'm in the city then inner ears are the way to go. The westones are of the comply foam type. My um2s are total isolation. You hear no traffic noise. No matter what volume no one can hear your music. The um2s lack details and depth and are rolled off in the treble compared with my klipsch x10is. But in the sound stakes they beat the lcd2's in traffic for those reasons.
You're needing 2 sets of equipment ultimately. 1 at home set, the choicss are endless. 1 on the move set, the phones need to be isolating for you to derive the greatest pleasure from them. They can then fit in your hand luggage or your pocket for the bus and they wont attract any glares wh8ch would be sure to spoil your experience too.
Hope this helps
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Yeah I understand that the sound leak is no good. And I am considering another set of cans before the lcd2s. I will have a look at the models you mentioned. And the thunder pants seem like an impressive headphones to. Where I live is pretty quiet and the open back headphones I have used (he 400) leak noise to and I do like the advantages of leaking noise to some degree because if I'm long boarding its good to know when something is approaching or something loud is around per chance.
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i heard the maker of thunderpants bailed out on people and i dont know if you can still get a brand new thunderpants now. besides, i also read that people think mad dogs and paradox are superior mods than the thunderpants... i own none of these, i just read about them... i do however have the stock fostex t50rp and i dont like it very much...

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Hey what do you know I bought the LCD-2's now im gonna get a nice piece of Schiit amp lol. maybe... i want to research it more



but maybe...

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I chose Headstage Arrow for my portable amp, it is the best all around for me size and performance.  I've got it taped to the back of my iphone 4.

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My SR-71B powered the lcd2's perfectly and with the new updates it can't be beat in my opinion.
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For portable amp, I drive my LCD2/3 with the TTVJ Apex Glacier. Some may say it doesn't have enough power but I see that's good enough, at least to me :)


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So I have had the LCD-2s for a few days now and i have to say a lot of things people have been spewing at me about how i can get cans with very similar audio graphs for way less and LCD-2s are riding on quite a bit of bloat and bla bla bla, I realized that you can only go so far based on graphs... so far all the so called competitors on a budget I have compared side by side and what I got out of it was that you cant go your whole life thinking you can have it all figured out by data and graphs. The LCD-2s are worth every penny. There are too many variables to consider like how the cans sit on your head and suit your needs as far as grasp and weight and other things, Plllllluuuuss, the fact that every LCD-2 can come a bit different from its siblings, kind of like twins looking the same... but kinda different....     you know what I mean o2smile.gif

unless you bite the bullet and actually have them to compare do'nt ever dare tell people they are wasting their money because you really have to try it before you judge it. Right?? makes sense


My graph has a little more sparkle, (I think) than the usual pair of LCD-2s from that I have seen. The highs are completely present thus less "dark" of a sound. I could not have hoped for a better result from these headphones! Next stop. AMP!

It's surprising how little of a frequency loss there is when not using an AMP mostly you lose power is all and even then its loud enough to block most outside sound, which by the way, reminds me that saying that the LCD-2s are not for mobile use bla bla bla, every sound in the world will ruin my music experience bla bla bla, YOU HAVE NOT OWNED A PAIR OF THESE OBVIOUSLY! lol

As far as them being opene backed, they dont leak nearly as much noise as quincey jones's or dt880's and especially not NEARLY as much as he-400/h-6's, again thanks for the misleading speculation people lol.

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But I know that all you were all doing is trying to help that is so thank you for all the juicy topic discussion! beerchug.gif

I'm gonna be calling AUDEZ'E again and be asking about these porto AMPs and see what one they recommend.

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