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I have an Integrated Onkyo A-5VL and a Pioneer Elite AVR and while as much as I love the SQ and the convenience of the MOG and Spotify internet music, I have hard time to play my tablets ,my Ipod touch, and my Iphone 3g/4g thru the integrated amp and my AVR even though they both have excellent DAC, Accidently, I ran across the little Rocketfish bluetoooth receiver at BB. I choose the Rocketfish over the Logitech since the Rocketfish bluetooth receiver has optical output that allows me totake the advantage of the DAC in my integrated amp and my AVR via optical input. I highly recommended this $59.00 Rocketfish for those who do not want to spend big buck for the Wadia . MY listening room is 16x14 and I have not have any issue with weak signals or drop out signals or interference . The SQ is awesome as compare with using the line out cables from Fiio. Do yourself a favor by using this little device for your internet streaming listening if you have a decent integrated or AVR with opitcal input. You will be amazed at the sound SQ.