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Hey guys, I apologize if this topic has been addressed before (in which case, could someone please link me to the appropriate thread?), but I'm in the market for some good headphones that I can use while gaming as well as for watching movies.


Let me list the major considerations for this purchase:


First off, the price. I'm hoping to spend below $300 for the whole purchase. Though I'm willing to go significantly above that if it's a great deal and satisfies all the other requirements. I just splurged a ****load of cash on a new TV, so I suppose I might as well get the sound to go with the picture. Keep in mind that I'm speaking of the total cost of the purchase here, so if the recommendation is for a $350 headphone, but to use it I have to buy a $400 amp, I'm probably not going to take that option very seriously.



Second, the purpose of the cans is mainly gaming and movies. As far as gaming is concerned, I hope to be able to use them on my PC, PS3, and XBOX 360. But if not all three, then at least on the consoles (PS3, XBOX), since I have a couple of pretty decent headsets that I can use for PC gaming already. Keep in mind that I don't need a mic with them (i.e., a headset), I'm just looking for good quality sound on these headphones. Also, since neither the XBOX nor the PS3 have a direct headphone jack, let me know what auxiliary equipment will be needed to make the setup work. As for movies, that's the other thing I want to use the headphones for most often, so if the recommendation is good for both these uses, that would be best. As far as music is concerned, I don't listen to music much, so that's not a serious consideration for me.



Also, please don't recommend wireless headsets -- they usually don't have great sound even though they are convenient. (Unless you are aware of a seriously kickass pair of wireless cans, in which case I'm certainly willing to reconsider.)



Though I do live in Canada I'm fairly close to the border, so you don't have to worry about taxes + import duties in your consideration.



For reference, here are the headphones I currently have and my brief opinions about them (as it should be clear, I'm no audiophile):



Logitech G35 -- Love them for gaming (only on the PC unfortunately), decent for music and movies. Heavy and not very comfortable.


Sennheiser HD 598 -- Great for music and movies, but not great for gaming since 3D-positional audio is not replicated well on them when I'm using the X-Fi CMSS 3D option on my sound card.


Sony MDR-7506 -- Not sure why I even bought them. Use them as my default headphones at work.


Titton AX Pro 5.1 -- I bought these because they can be used on all different systems, but they were terrible. I don't know if it was just the set that I got, but I barely used them for more than a few days because I found them to be neither good for games nor movies. They're basically collecting dust in some box now.



Thanks in advance. All helpful suggestions are appreciated!

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