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I don't know what this means. I'm just posting the data for discussion. You guys tell me what it means.


I just measured my Sony MDR-V6s (with DT250 velour pads) with a UMIK-1 measurement mic in Room EQ Wizard. I applied stick-on felt to a compact disc as dampening, clamped the CD to the earpads, felt side towards the drivers, with 4 rubber bands, then pointed the the UMIK-1, with tripod, as perfectly straight at the middle of the driver as possible. I did this with the windscreen on, which fit snugly into the hole of the CD... essentially plugging the hole... and I stuck the mic just barely into the CD, as little as I could while it still held in place. I had tried it with the mic closer to the driver but the measurement results were far too bass-heavy.


Here's the measurement results... and the second image is my graph in blue superimposed over Changstar's MDR-V6 frequency response graph, which I believe was measured with an acoustic coupler, then HRTF-compensated.






OK... so they came out pretty close. Really close. They diverge a bit at 2-3 kHz and 9-10 kHz... two areas where different HRTF curves seem to differ greatly.


...what does this result mean for the conversation in this thread?


Edit: Just wanted to say... when these are equalized to neutral and verified with the mic as described above... they sound good to me... subjectively speaking. I'm no expert though.

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