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DT770 with Behringer HA400

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I'm planning to buy a Behringer HA400 as I see its price on amazon is around $40. I have a limited budget, so can afford an amp of about $120.


I have a DT770 80 ohm and a Creative Sound blaster x-fi HD (USB). I use foobar and listen to 24/96 and 24/192 FLAC files from my PC, and I find my DT sound not loud enough. That's why I wanna get an amp. I don't need a portable amp 'cause I spend most of my time in front of the PC screen. 


May anyone help me?


Thanks in advance. 

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No experience with the Behringer, but you can take a look at this thread:



Have you considered a soundcard with built in headamp, such as the Xonar Dg? or the Essence Stx if you find a good deal. 

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actually I'm using the X-fi with my notebook. I'll consider a soundcard when I get my new PC. THanks for your reply.

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I just got that Behringer. It works on volume alone. Doesn't really do anything for quality. I got one to compare headphones but it actually seems to make them sound more similar than anything else. I've found unplugging and plugging different headphones into my cmoy makes it easier to find differences as it really pushes the dynamics of the phones.


I 100% recommend getting one of the 18V 4556 op amp cmoys from someone on ebay. I LOVE IT! Big sound bump in every way! Works wonders on everything from 48 ohm JVCs to 600 ohm AKGs. Got mine from "ampedup77". He's friendly and attentive and can customize them for you if you need.


Good luck.

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