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For Sale: exaU2I DXD, 384mhz Async USB board

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
exaU2I DXD, 384mhz Async USB board

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought this fantastic little usb->I2S board for a DAC project; turns out I'll not be needing it. I've been running one of these in my Buffalo II, and it's a big step above SPDIF or most other USB sources I've used. 

I used the exaU2I, the Combo384 and the eXD boards. exaU2I is right up there with the eXD, and has the advantage of being multi-channel. exaDevices will be releasing a DSD capable driver any day now, increasing the utility of this board.. With shipping from Canada, it's just under $500 new. $250 + shipping.

Ok - no takers at that price. I'll price it to move. $250 + shipping.

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Hi Misterrogers


I´m just collecting information about playing Audio Data from PC to i2s interface to DAC in the best way. I´ve heard something about the exau2i, which seems to be fine for playback. But What about the way from an audio-source to the PC (for recording) Is there something on the market you know?

What are the other devices you mentioned? Combo384 and the eXD boards?


Please let me know. Maybe I´m interested in your exau2i, but I´m not ready to say today. I still need a little time to know. Is it in a perfect technical condition?

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Hey 'The Chief' I closed the classified because it's sold :-) The devices I mentioned are all for playback only. I'd definitely point you to diyaudio for details on each, plus other possible recording options.

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OK. it´s sold. But if you know another one going to be sold, will you please let me know?


Peter Schulte

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Sure will Peter! If you're needing only playback and multichannel isn't that critical, go to and search for 'Combo384'. There's a GB running, and the price is very good.

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Hi, rhanx for that hint, I´m on the way to see, what that is. By the way, do you know a way to get PCM a n d DSD Data into a computer?



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