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Noontec ZORO

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My name is Vincenzo.

This is my first message I post and sorry for my english

I write this post because I have to buy back my headphones.

I had seen the Monster Beats Solo HD but they cost too much for me.

While surfing on the internet I have noticed these Noontec Zoro ..

The headphones I use it mainly for listening to music with my Macbook Pro

Do you think that there may be other alternatives such as a model for Noontec?

Thank you all,

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I am new to this site as well. Same as you, I wanted the beats but could not stomach paying over 200 dollars for a set of headphones. I did some research myself and found out that Noontec Zoro's are very good. Excellent reviews from Cnet and most Audiophiles. I am getting one in two weeks time. Hope it meets my expectation though.


As for alternatives, I've read that the Philip's Downtown is a very good in both comfort and sound. It came highly recommended as well by experts in the industry. 


Hope this helps. 

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