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I use the line out function quite a lot with DAPs, either to play some music at a friends house or
if we have friends over. I am lucky enough to have a separate listening room so if we have
people over normally with kids we stay in the lounge and use the following secondary system.

Linn Classik DVD Movie system ( integrated DVD, processor and 5.1 amps)
Anthony Gallo Uno speakers on triffid stands and Anthony Gallo active sub
Cables are Linn black interconnect to sub, Qed silver speaker cables, and QED
JPS 3.5mm to stereo phones for plugging in a DAP. The Linn has several analogue
line inputs.
So I thought I would compare my two main DAPs as the source for this mid-fi system.
After setting the HDS function to on, the Hisoundaudio Studio-V was ready.
I chose two test tracks of very familiar music , both WAV , ripped from my own
CD copies using EAC.
Ocean Colour Scene - The Riverboat song from Mosley Shoals album
The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up from Forty Licks disc 2.

Both typical of the type of music I would play in this room, all EQs are either off
or flat .
The Studio did well with both tracks, but there was a touch of grain across he music
The bass was quite weak, neither of these are bass heavy recordings, but with the help of
The AG sub it should be there and tuneful , with the Studio this just ain't happening , the music sounds brittle and lacking body.

So in goes the HIFIMAN , it has a separate line out so no adjustments needed.
Immediately the instruments sounded more real. The bass now had a tune, the grain was gone.
4 people all had the same conclusion. Drums had body to their tone, guitars had some warmth.

On the move with my Graham Slee Voyager. , they both sound superb, with
The difference in quality being almost zero, both players showing their well known sonic signatures ie 601 warm and cuddly, Studio brightish and bouncy, different but both very good

But as a line out portable player the 601 wins hands down for me.
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