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Greetings everyone,

presenting you my vintage TESLA ARF300s, totaling the weight of ten PortaPros excluding the cord!


Bet you've never heard of them before. Made in former Czechoslovakia in mid 80's, with true leather muffs, they're designed to fully surround and enclose around the ears. With them on, one's not scared of a train horn... More on the details in the review itself!

However, ran into a small problem recently, the left driver failed. It's basically an electromagnet weighing over 200g, measuring 30mm in diameter, 20mm in height (!), including the actuator coil with a 200ohm impedance. In other words (unfortunately) totally different from nowadays' cans.

Since these are long out of production and finding spare paired drivers this size is going to be tough, I wanted to ask you if there's any possibility of using today's drivers in them, like the 30mm ones from Sony XB300s, never seen them disassembled before, though.

Since they have a tubular diaphraghm to enclose the beastly 30x20mm drivers in them, I can't just slap in a flat, few mm thick speaker from a say Portapro in them and expect to sound good!


Any hints welcome.


Best regards.