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Hi all, searched around and decided to see of I could get this question answered better by starting a new thread. Currently I have shure srh 840s and woodied grado Sr 80i's and love them both. I'm running them out of a hotaudio dac destroyer which is connected to either my laptop or desktop depending on if I'm home or not. My initial instinct told me to buy the hrt headstreamer amp/dac instead but I went with the destroyer for 45 bucks due to lack of funds and a nagging curiosity about its abilities. Now, it does clean up.the sound and does create better imaging and instrument seperation, but, now I have much lower volume from both sources. I'm a rock/metal head through and through and like my music loud, not damage my ears and muddy sound loud, but louder than this dac gets. I still have time to send the dac back if I just pay shipping but I was thinking of just getting a jdslabs cmoy with bb instead and seeing where it got me. So my question is, would I be better suited adding a decent amp here, or should I just go with an all in one like the headstreamer or even the cheap fiio e10? I assume the destroyer is a better dac than the e10 and I've heard the its amp is lacking. Would the destroyer/ cMoybb combo be on par with the headstreamer? Just so many paths to go down these days. I realize I'm not paying much here but I just want a decent sound for now until funds permit my inevitable hifiman he500 plus schiit amp and dac purchase. So cheap amp.recommendations to go with the destroyer, or a new combo under 150 for the shures and grados. Any and all advice will be much appreciated.