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For Sale:
Original Fostex T50RP --> No mods done.

Will Ship To: United States

Hello guys/gals.


I decided to sell these unmodified Fostex T50RPs. At first I was going to modify them myself but never had time. Then I decided I was going to send them to LFF for a Paradox, never did so! LOL. I did buy MrSpeakers Mad Dogs and since I wasn't going to do anything to these, they have to go.

(they have been acquiring dust as one of the pictures show LOL!!! I boxed them and didn't even bother to clean the headband. :-p )


Anyway, up on offer, almost no use because I didn't liked their stock sound. It comes with the original retail box in good conditions and all that came with the headphones, i.e mini manual and original cable.


I'm selling for SOLD (cheaper than any store I think...)

Note that this price INCLUDES shipping charges (which from where I am it varies from $14 to 20).


Oh, and did I mention that I will be throwing a set of SRH840 ear pads??? ;-)



Sale is U.S. ONLY! No International.

(I ship via USPS, flat-rate boxes!)


Payment via PayPal gift.

If you want to pay as "transaction" please add 3.5% (if you want piece of mind).


Any interest, shoot me a PM.



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