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I did not do the tube upgrade. However, having seen the pic of the upgraded tube I think I will upgrade. Kelesh, have you received an e-mail from Craig confirming your purchase? I haven't and was curious if anyone had recieved a confirmation and perhaps a delivery date.
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I received the confirmation. The website stated allow four to six weeks for delivery.
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no, i have not recieved a confirmation email yet.
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Received confirmation and now the wait.......
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ahhh, the wait

i waited a month for my meta42, so this 4-6 weeks should be easy

I'm psyched for this amp - I hope craig released a photo of a finished HD300 so I can use it as a desktop background
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Anybody planning on using this amp as a preamp besides me? The $50 cap upgrade for the line stage was to good to pass up.
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Not me. Just using it as a headamp for HD-650's. I received a confirmation today advising that my serial number was #4 which I thought was pretty cool.
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I am serial #5. I WONDER WHO WAS #1?:
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i was #3
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can someone give me a link to the thread that discussed this amp? I can't seem to find it. thanks
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The "little moth" page 20 in the amps section.
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moth mini meet impressions page 15 in the amps section.
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I found a couple more posts on the moth amp. Moth amp pics, and the moth that never was threads are on page 22 in the amp section.
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Originally posted by Rob N
Is the low impedence version still coming out aroung May?
From what Craig tells me, the HD25 should be available in mid-May for $600. Its specs differ from the HD300 by virtue of using output transformers, has one coupling cap per channel, and custom paper/tin/oil 600V .22uF caps are standard. It also has no line out or record out. He hasn't decided on a driver tube yet, but the output tube will be a 6080 (or 6AS7, presumably).

Originally posted by Demolition
I also asked what the shipping method and charges would be for Canadian orders. I'll post these when he gets back to me, assuming that there are other Canadians who are interested.
Craig got back to me about shipping for Canadians. He says that he'll use USPS. Using his figures (a 24"x12"x10" shipping container weighing 18 lbs, sent from Calabasas, CA (91302)), I calculated that Airmail Priority Post to Canada with $500 insurance will cost approximately $37. Since there's no Canadian shipping option, Craig will let us know when our amps ship and we can pay the difference at that time.

Something I didn't ask was whether the shipping container will cost extra. U.S. shipping breaks down as $14 for FedEx and $10 for the container. Therefore, I assume that total shipping to Canada will be ~$47 ($37 for USPS + $10 for the container).

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By the way, Craig says that the last day to order an HD300 from the first production run will be March 21.

If you miss out, then you can't place a new order 'til after the current production run is shipped (4-6 weeks).


p.s. Sorry about posting two in a row, but this seemed important enough to be in a post of its own.
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