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So what I'm getting is that the 100K is a bit more aggressive? Could you further differentiate the characteristics? Is there a price difference between the two?
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The 100k is not more aggressive its tonally richer; the bass has more fullness and power. The advantage to the 50k is potentially lower noise and a better damped bass. I have never heard any noise with any of the three amps I have with a 100k pot, so I say potentially. I will also be using the tape out to drive a second amp and that can load down the source with another lower impedence output to drive. Dropping from a 100k to a 50k wont be a huge difference, but its not my first choice. This change is no doubt more important to me than most of you because of how I will use the amp. I know how the change in impedence effects my source and I like the 100k better. The lower the pots impedence in my gilmore amps the more damped the bass. The higher the impedence the fuller the bass. I like the bass to have weight. If you like more bass control the 50k is a better choice. There is no difference in cost. I am really pleased and surprised Craig is doing this. I wouldnt worry to much about it unless you have a very strong preferance like I do.
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Originally posted by highflyin9
We'll have to see what number Demolition gets...
It doesn't appear that anyone else ordered because I have #12 (with the line-out upgrade and Svetlana tube).

Originally posted by sacd lover
I find the bass is richer with the 100k pot. I also will be using the loop/tape out to drive a second amp. This will give me two 100k inputs in parallel, which lets the source see a nice easy 50k load even driving both amps.
My initial worry was that the high frequencies might sound rolled off with the 100k pot. Craig mentioned that on the website. If the amp is already dark/warm/rich-sounding, then a lot of roll off might make it sound dull. Until I actually hear the amp, I won't know if the narrower bandwidth will be noticeable. So, I might go with the 50K pot at first, just to ensure the widest bandwidth possible, then replace the pot (or get Craig to do it) if necessary.

I'll talk to Craig about it and get a good idea of what I want before he starts on mine. If he's working on these things sequentially, then I have a long wait 'til mine is ready to go, anyway. I figure that he'll get lots of practice and work out all the kinks on your amps before he gets to mine, which will be perfect. (Just kidding )

Actually, everyone should talk to Craig about it when he contacts you. Tell him your proposed use for the HD300 and he should have a good idea of which options are right for you.

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After reading sacd's further explanation, thanks, I think I will leave the pot as is. Although, I will ask Craig his recommendation when he sends e-mail re: change in pot. Back to just waiting.
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One other thing that I forgot to mention...

I've been discussing the specs for an impedancer for the HD300 with Craig. It will allow the HD300 to drive low-impedance or otherwise hard to drive headphones.

After some idea-tossing, Craig settled on a pair of 40-ohm secondary transformers from a 600 primary. Should be good for any headphones in the 20-120 ohm range considering the high primary inductance and drive capability of the 6AS7 tube. As for high-impedance headphones, just drive them directly as usual (i.e. without the impedancer).

Anyway, he's going to do some tests, then get back to me with a price if everything works out.

So, those of us who buy HD300s now aren't penalized for not waiting for the HD25 to arrive. This is yet another example of Craig looking out for his customers.

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I had a similar experience with my Si2A3. I wanted to switch the speakers off when using headphones without disconnecting the speakers. Craig discussed several options before settling on the design in my amp. There was never any mention of additional cost, he wanted me to be happy with my amp.
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Originally posted by Demolition
Should be good for any headphones in the 20-120 ohm range
this sounds awesome, hope it wont cost too much
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I second Craig does look out for his customers and he clearly thinks ahead. I am also pleased he is willing to accomodate preferances; most companies will not.

I wanted to comment on Demolitions worry the 100k pot will make the amp sound rolled off. The millers resitance is at around the 1:00-2:00 position on the volume dial. If you are listening at the bottom of the volume pot like I have to(8:30); millers resistance wont be an issue. My feeling is that hardly anyone else will be listening at the 1:00-2:00 position with 18 db of gain either. Its the specific interaction at that point of the volume control that causes the problem, per my understanding of Craig's explanation. Moreover, my concern was my gilmore v1 had a very powerful bass and rich sound(for solid state) with a 100k pot. The same circuit with a 10k pot was anemic sounding; I didnt like it. A gilmore with a 50k dact has good warmth but lacked the power of the 100k pot. I am not comparing apples with apples in one sense, because its a completely different amp. But I was surprised how much the impedence affected the end result of three nearly identical circuits. The 50k pot is fine with the gilmores but the 100k was better to me. I know what I like, and with my additional need to avoid loading down the source, the 100k pot is preferable to me. I didnt mean to confuse anyone. I was excited he would allow the choice and thats why I posted the news. Either choice will be fine unless you have specific system requirements like I do.
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For someone who isn't understanding any of this very well and probably won't and looking for a blind recommendation, would you recommend the 50k or 100k pot?
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I am wondering this as well. The 100k pot sounds tempting, but it might be a mistake.

With the system in my sig, what would the difference be between 100k and 50k?
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Well it looks like the calling for the first production run has to come to a close, with what appears to be an edition of 12 units. For the procrastinators that missed it the next order date will be April 15th.

In regards to the pot I'm gonna stick it out with the 50k, Craig knows what hes doing and if that was the original spec, then thats what I want
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Has anyone heard anything from Craig yet regarding the pots or any progress?
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I have not heard anything regarding either. I was wondering the same thing regarding progress but it has only been 2 weeks.
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it takes a few weeks for the metal to get done apparently.

2 weeks down, 3-5 more weeks of waiting left
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Anyone going to be accessorizing the HD300 with tube dampeners or special interconnects?

I was thinking about picking up one of these http://herbiesaudiolab.home.att.net/index.htm
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