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long story short, I can only buy one of these (I can't buy from a different store... long story)

I will write them all, and then write the one i think are the best:


akg q460, akg k181 dj,Skullcandy Aviato, Philips SHD8600 (realy over the budget, but...) 


i was thinking about one of  the akg


music-  I listen to all kinds of music: rock, Irish music, jazz classical, hip hop (just a bit), Japanese music and a lot of just weird stuff 

(if you are intrested, are two very different new song my friend showed me)


use- i will mostly listen to them on the bus ( I have fiio e6 if it helps) and in the car (maybe a bit to watch movies at home, and listening a bit at home)



1) If possible a changeable/removable  (this is what get broken most of the time, and i wish to be able to change the cable when it is broken)

2) Comfortable for long use

3) Looking "ok" not too important, but will be a nice bonus

4) if possible noise canceling (as much as posible)

5) 5)Good music quality, good base, and Good noise separation  are the most impotent stuff (noise separation is crucial)