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I am in the process of selling off my amps and speakers from a high end system and spending the proceeds on hopefully a very high end headphone system. The reason for this is due to my changed circumstances and moving to a much smaller dwelling, that will not house my present system(without going into too much detail).

I will therefore be in a position to afford either Woo WA5 LE or WA22, with many of the upgrades Woo suggests.

I already have Senns HD 800 and HD 650 and may try others in future such as Grado GS 1000. I am running a Mapletree HD Super Plus II at the moment.

It has taken many years to build up my system to what it is today, and so I feel that the purchase of the best from my sales is justified as no extra money will have to be spent.

So I am looking for any views and advice on the above, would the WA5 pay dividends over the WA22.

My front end is vinyl ..Inspire Eclipse with SME M 12 R Audio Technica 33EV cartridge, also Musical Fidelity Nu Vista CD player, I also use Nakamichi CR7 and RX 505 Cassette decks as I believe in keeping analog in its pure form, and using CD for new modern material.

I live in Manchester England, we dont have meets to try amps etc. over here so some degree of chance has to be taken, also very limited in Headphone Amp manufacturers.