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Picky customer in the UK - sony MDR-V6 help thread, plus recommendations?

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Picky Customer in the UK, that's me.


I know i went on and on about the Bose AE2, cos they were comfortable. I've had them for over a year, no complaints.


Well i bought my husband a pair of Sony MDR-V6 for Xmas - but he ain't getting them!!!!!!!!!!


Omg what the flipping 'eck have I been missing all this time, stuck with those very, very comfy Boses????


Aaaaaaaaaanyway, you guys were right, you told me so, and I'm flogging the Boses on ebay, and I'm keeping the MDR-V6.


Which Beyer pads does one gets for the MDR-V6?


And now,, what to get my husband?  He says the MDR-V6 are "flat" and sound like "a wall of sound" - wtf does he mean? 


Apparently he has delusions of a headphone making him feel like he is IN the room with the orchestra, so he is disappointed with the MDR-V6 because he says it doesn't do that. I say it does it perfectly well, better than the Bose in fact, and he needs his hearing checked.


He needs closed cans for office use, preferably isolating, and more bass that the MDR-V6. He has a bigger head than mine, and glasses.



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Originally Posted by leoniedelt View Post





Beyer DT250 pads will vit the V6 and many other headphones.


As for the headphone for your husband, it would help tremendously if we had a budget to work with, and to know what source equipment he's using and more preferences such as how bright the treble can be, or if he needs it to be darker. You included he wants more "bass" so he wants a colored headphone with a nice sound stage that is closed back, but what about the rest? Style? Any other criteria?


Not knowing those answers, here's some off the hip suggestions:


Ultrasone HFI 580

Ultrasone PRO 750

M-Audio Q40

Sennheiser HD380 PRO

AKG K167

AKG K550

Mr Speaker Mad Dog (T50RP)

Beyer DT770 PRO

Sony MDRZX700

AudioTechnica A900X


Very best,

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Beyer 250 pads? Ta, i will off to ebay/google.


still totally marvelling at these cans (sony v6). wow. socks well and truly knocked off.


Right. as for the husband - he's a pain, so i havent included a budget. He thinks paying more than £20 for headphones is outrageous, and that the pricetag on my boses was "outrageous and down right obscene". lmao


That said, i think that whatever the right* can is, he'll pay for iyswim. His head isnt sensitive like mine, he'll wear anything, doesn't care what they look like. Wants something durable though. H wears glasses.


He listens to all the same stuff i listen to - Queen, Pink Floyd, Dido, Travis, rock, etc. He also likes his soundtracks - Chicago, Muppet movie, Nightmare before Christmas.


He also loves Adele's voice. (though he is underwhelmed at skyfall!)


Source will be his HTC OneX+ (beats audio option built in) or the laptop. We dont own any "real" hifi equipment, nor amps. My source is my laptop or my Nokia N9...


Moreover, i am confused about what he means when he says that these sonys sound "flat" - nor how to remedy the feeling that you're listening to headphones rather than standing in the middle of an orchestra.

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