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I think my E11 went and died on me today somehow, but I wanted to check whether anyone else had a similar experience to mine before going and talking to FiiO about warranty. Mine is about 4 months old, running off two batteries, the supplied one and one the Micca Distributor supplied via an Amazon purchase. This was running off I think EQ 1, low gain, and I just set it to low-power. I noticed a weird noise coming into my headphones at first, then I realized that was coming from the amp flickering on and off, evidenced by the quickly flashing blue led (I don't think it was originally designed to flash, right...?). Turned it off, reseated the battery, turned it back on, works fine. Awhile later, I decided I wanted to try it back on high-power, so I took the battery out, switched it, put the battery back in, turn the pot, annnnd...nothing. LED doesn't light up, no sound output at all turning the pot, flipping switches, nada.


It's been like that all day. Bringing it home, I juggled batteries (the built-in battery charger still works actually!), but the amp function seems to be dead. Does anyone have any juice on this kind of situation, or did my E11 just crud out on me?