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I have the HFI-780 and have quite a hard time coming up with faults. I "upgraded" awhile back to the Shure SRH 940, but ended up selling the 940 as I felt the 780 had a clearer more forward sound with better bass control. 


I wrote a review that you might find useful: http://www.head-fi.org/t/628344/5-way-mid-fi-comparison#post_8714358

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which one will be better between the JVC HA-RX 700 and the Monoprice 8323 as both cost almost same.btw,Monoprice 8323 in its official site is 23$ and in amazon 29$.confused...!!

I would compare the JVC HA-RX 700's are a bit bassier than the 900's, which are actually semi-open cans. I would compare them to a pair of DT 770's. Not ON PAR with the DT 770's mind you, but they are comparable in sound signature, Imo the monoprice 8323 probably aren't as good, but it's a $20-30 difference, so that's up to you.


I think mine are pretty comfy. They work well with glasses and the longer cord is nice for connecting to a PC/console, (can you say, "hours without stopping?") As far as gaming the soundstage is pretty good too. I game more with my sennheiser HD428's though, so that's up for debate. They're probably better, but I fell in love with sennheiser's signature. My DBA-02's are for analytical, and frankly my modded T20RP's are the kings of bass. As far as money for value though, the JVC are excellent. If you're really on the verge get both then compare for a week or two and send the one you don't like back! They both have return policies. I would be very interested if you did a review of them, though, despite you joining headfi, like, yesterday lol.
Whatever you get though, you'll probably enjoy it at this point.


Just burn them both in, as when I got my jvc they weren't exactly DT 770's out of the box. They need at least 24 hours of burn in.

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The CAL! is more fun sounding than the M50

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