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Opinions, please?

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I know that head-fi isn't all that big on "popular" headphones (actually, that may be an understatement), but I've got my eyes set on a pair of Fanny Wang 1000 series headphones. I like the portability and durability. Before I buy these, however, I want to make sure that they will be good for the type of music that I like, and that's where I need your help! I listen to every genre except pop music and dubstep, but I mostly listen to metal. How would these headphones stand up to some heavy metal? At the moment, I listen to my music with some cheap Philips THE TREAD headphones, and I absolutely love the bass. Would the Fanny Wangs match that? If not, what are some other headphones I could buy?

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I actually heard they are not bad sounding but I have not tried them...

For bass, in a consumer and cool looking headphone, take a look at the UE6000. They can be purchased at Bestbuy but it was my understanding Logitech was selling them for 20% off if you can find the coupon. That would be about $160 bucks.
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The Harmen Kardon BT are great for guitar music and they canbe use both wire or wireless.

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