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Hello everyone, I thought I would finally stop lurking as I hope to buy some gear in the near future and you all seem really helpful and friendly.


I am soon to have a new laptop and am looking to get an entry level audio set up to go alongside it. Based on all my reading so far I think the best starting point is a DAC/amp + headphones combo (one reason I am in this particular site).


I am not a bass-head, here some albums that are representative of what I listen to :


Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

Smetana - Ma Vlast

Beethoven - Piano Sonatas

Bon Iver - Bon Iver

Andy Mckee

City and Colour - Little Hell

Porcupine Tree - In Absentia


In terms of the DAC, portability is not an essential but I might be willing to pay for it. I would like to be able to run a set of 2.0 speakers through it in the future. (I am undecided whether to save for budget monitors or just get reasonable small speakers for when I want to be less attached to by wires to my pc)


In terms of Budget initially I am looking at a total of £200ish.  It really all depends on the price of the laptop I get.a


Thoughts I have had are :


Fiio E17 and AT M50  (I suspect that cheaper dac and spending more on the headphones might yield more)


I am debating whether I want over ear, on-ear, or IEMs. IEMS would allow me to have one pair for home and away but suffer in certain aspects of sound, I am curious as to the sound quality differences between these 3 types.



Any way that's enough rambling.