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I published my review about this before Headfonia did, and I was very pleasant about the quality.

This is the best budget DAC/amp that I know!

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anyone has an experience with a Grado ?


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I bought one too and I'm very pleased with it. It's very compact and sounds good and my mom uses it with notebook. I expected it to be small, but when you hold it in hand it's so tiny. The casing is nice, mine is in full black, looks nice and doesn't look cheap IMO. The blue led isn't bright which is very good. Money well spend I would say. (71€ in my case)


When I compare it with my GrubDAC and mosfet headamp, it sounds very similar to me, but with a bit more bass to it. My amp sounds very neutral, maybe a wee bit on the brighter side so hard to tell which one is better. They are both enjoyable. There is no unwanted noise or break-ups. It doesn't stop when you connect any wall adaptor in close proximity which is a problem with my unshielded GrubDAC.


We haven't experienced any quirk with it yet and mom has been using it regularily with her AKG K242HD for a month now. I would be very curious who is behind this brand. I would shake hands with him. smile.gif

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I've been listening to this device for 6 months but I'm not an audio expert so I cannot provide you with an accurate review of the dac/amp.

The amp has no hiss at all, even with very sensitive iem. It has a noticeable channel imbalance at low volume, the right channel is louder  than the left. However this is not a problem because at reasonable mid/low volume the problem disappears. More annoying is the fact that  when I adjust the volume I hear a cracking sound on the right channel. There is also a pop noise when the device starts up so I usually turn the volume all the way down before I shutdown the laptop. It also makes a pop sound when I turn on/off the lamp on my desk, but this noise is not dependent on the volume.

Are these problems normal for an under 100usd amp/dac? Did I buy a faulty one? Do you think I should ask for a replacement?

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