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Best Forum To Discuss Remastered Albums?

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I'm on the hunt for a site/forum to discuss and rate album reissues and remasters. As I get deeper and deeper into the subtleties of production and discovering with an album like for example Dark side of the Moon or the the first Doors album that there are a number of versions, reissues, remasters, vinyl versions etc...I'd like to discuss and discover what others consider to be the best versions of these albums...


Been googling, but nothing has really jumped out at me yet as a dedicated forum except here and http://vinylfanatics.com. But I'm not just specifically interested in vinyl.


Seems like there would be other post record store geeks that would be interesting in this sort of discus ion. yeah?

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Try here:  http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/forums/music-corner.2/

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Nice Find. any else? Need to feed the Headphones ; )

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Just be warned that the Hoffman forum is heavily moderated. Anything negative about Hoffman's work quickly disappears. It is the best place for finding discussions about different masterings though.
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Thanks for the tip. Look good but concerning about the bias towards one mans work....Seems like there is a gap in the internet for a good dedicated forum for this stuff hmmm...

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The SH forum has already filled that gap in the market. There is no other site that comes close, that I've come across.


The posts about SH's own work are a tiny proportion of all posts.


The main downside for me is that they are often too obsessive. I usually just want a simple answer to know if a new remaster is worth buying, but I have to wade through hundreds of conflicting posts to find out, usually with someone saying that some obscure japanese pressing is miles better. But if that sort of obsession floats your boat, then it's perfect.

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