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Like the ety sound, want some cans!

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For now i have the eytmotic hf5. I like them a lot, but now it is time to step up, and get some full size cans.


  • My budget is around the price of the sennheiser hd650 (to not mess with price and currency diffs...)
  • The sound sig could be anything but V-shaped, and most importantly it must seem somewhat natural
  • I like different metal sub-genres, a little jazz, and instrumental.


I have already got the fiio e17 as my primary amp.In general i like clarity, but i don't like when some frequencies are too dominating. A little coloration might be okay, but i DO NOT like the dt990 for example.

The k702 is okay, but on the edge because of the treble being quite dominant, and the bass being slightly lower than what i would expect from a neutral sound sig.


Anyways, atm i have bought the k702, but i am considering whether to return the phones, maybe in favor of the hd600's or 650's. But as time has passed (2 days biggrin.gif) i have got to like the slight coloration making my music a bit more interesting listen. But on the other hand the sound might seem a bit unnatural, for example for lyrics, and they aren't THAT detailed compared to the price diff between these and the etys, actually i woould say, that the etys do just as well in detail in their own way.


-Thank you all out there (great community) k701smile.gif

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I also have the HF5 and the K701, and to me they sound quite similar in terms of clarity and detail. Sure, the K702 might not have the most neutral sound (look to the HD600) but I'm surprised you think they are "colored" in any way. Maybe it's because I happen to like bright headphones (recently got the DT990 and I don't mind the near-sibiliant highs), but I never thought the K701's to have dominant treble. They come pretty close to neutral for me.


I'd give the K702 even more time, I think two days is really too short to fully judge a can. And if they're new you might need to consider burn-in (as controversial as that is on the forums).

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I don't consider the k702 colored as when you think of the dt990. I am talking about a somewhat slight coloration. With that i mean slight deviation form neutral.

But it is enough to justify saying that some songs don't sound 100% natural and as a result, they are quite bright headphones, but a burn in might change that. I haven't heard the hd600 but i have heard the hd 650 btw.


Anyways, the clarity of the k702 seems better than the hf5 due to its brightness, but when i listen for raw details in a song, the hf5 wins a bit. For example in a certain jazz song by Miles Davis, i am almost annoyed by some sound of something like rubbing cloth or so, whilst on the k702 on the other hand, it does not annoy me as much. 


I have about 11 days to decide so we'll see...

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