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Studio monitors build quality (AMPS/Woofers/Circuit)

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Hi, first off, lets say i'm kind off noob with audio and stuff, but i got one very very experienced friend who is into electronics/audio stuff, he build speakers and also fix problems with it, hes electro-engineer, hes really skilled.


Now on the point.


I bought Adam A3x 6 months ago, i'm generally very satisfied with this speakers, but today i noticed something i didn't liked, and my friend was telling me that i'm wrong when i think the studio monitors (on cheap) are build with quality parts.


I was listening to a song, and i'm using ASIO driver, which make the volume 100% whenever i play something with AIMP3, now when i played that song, there was big distrotion on 50% volume on both speakers, i talked to my friend and he said it was cause the internal amps in the A3x sux, same as many others in similar price range.


He also said, to ask anyone what kind off AMP does this speakers use?  he said that hes 90% sure, they use some low grade amp, (cant recall the model) and he show me there was huge 10% distortion when u crank up the volume, same as i experienced, he showed me some tehnical data PDF.


So long story short, is this true? does studio monitors  entry/mid level really have ****ty amps? 




P.S. Is there any site where i can find what kind of AMP's different type of monitors are using, like with graphics cards when you see the PCB/CAPS etc? thanks one more time.

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It depends on the manufacturer, Dynaudio doesnt use low quliaty amps in their studio monitors. The thing about studio moniotrs is that they use active crossovers which give you much better clarity in sound compared to passive, studio monitors also are biamplified which produces an faster response time and dynamics, they also are able to integrate the amps and drivers so they are a good match to each other. With these point in mind I tihnk some manufacturers see  that they could get away with using inferior parts.

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Yea, he don't want to hear about integrated AMPS, he say they are mostly ****, and with dedicated you get much more quality usually.


Hes Hi-Fi guy tbh but anyway, thanks for your answer, would like to know some more data about AMPS used in A3x/A5x etc.


Also they say the A5X use PWM what difference does that make? does Focal with CMS range also use low grade AMPS? Is there any site on which you can see the internal parts used for speakers generally? like spreadsheet or google docs?



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Im not a fan of PMW (pulse width modulation) amps they produce a fatiguing sound and but thats an opinion from my expereinces they also produce intereference to other compnents if not shielded well. I prefer analog amps, I know dynaudio uses mosfet amps like that used in higher end solid state hifi amps, I would imagine focal like dynauio both companies coming from the hifi world also use higher quality components in their monitors.

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Thanks, i guess (if i find PDF or some official specs) would be getting CMS40 in future, is there anything better in same price range?

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From my job Ive listened to many studio monitors, now I havnt sat sown and analyzed and compared all of them to one another but the ones that stood out to me because of the quality of sound that was being produced were the Dynaudio BM5A (I use these personally), Tannoy preision 6d, and the older genelec monitors that have the rectagular cabinets. Ive never listened to the focals, these came out last year I believe.

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Ok, fair enough, thanks for your help buddy. BTW can you help me with this specs? http://www.focalprofessional.com/en/cms-line/cms-50.php http://www.focalprofessional.com/en/cms-line/cms-40.php Is there significant difference regarding AMPS and general quality of this 2 models?
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The amps are class ab ie. Analog amps, they dont go further with info on them. They use their own drivers on their monitors Focal like Dynaudio are well known for the drivers they make, many high end speakers use them. that inverted berylium tweeter looks like it would produce some nice sharp highs.

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Thanks for the great info, i will update this thread soon.

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