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as per the title, after a new source, think i have made my choice but just checking a few points


Currently have an iphone 4 (not s), with LOD to jds c421, reason for change is really to do with capacity/storage (mins is 32gb)


Ideally i'm after something around 160gb - ipod classic?


Pretty much decided on a classic for the following reasons:


1) LOD connection so can still use amp

2) simply sync my current library and add to it at will

3) storage - will be at least double what I have now (even if i purchased an 80g)


now the other appeals...


I have been reading about mods and the ability to rock-box - which does MASSIVELY appeal, my first question...


If i were to rockbox, would i still be able to use the lod running to my amp?


If so, does this apply with 6th & 7th gen models? Only reason I ask is if I cannot get an "older" one I may just go for a new one